Established 40 gallons fish tank with the stand, Hood and lights. Comes with everything you will need Gravel Brand new filter Water heater Air pump Decorations
Black Metal Stand with a Wood Top 21 Wide, 11 Deep, 28 tall- holds the 10 Gallon glass Terrarium. Includes a thermometer/hygrometer, under-tank heater, lid, and light. SE side of Naperville $40
PRICE DROP!! Red Eared Slider with 50 gallon aquarium and all accessories. Daughters Landlord will not allow her to keep. Needs new home with someone who has more time to give her. Very nice, friendly turtle. Shell size is approx. 5-6 inches in diameter. Purchased from Petco just over six months ago. Accessories included are water pump, filter w/extra cartridge, heaters, basking lamp, plants, r...
Excellent condition. Comes with tank, stand (which front door opens for storage underneath), two filters, lighted hood, gravel, decorative rocks, cleaning tools, reversible backdrop photo, and possibly the fish too.
Almost new condition, used only twice. Can drain and fill an aquarium from your sink and doubles as a gravel vacuum. Pick up only.
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