Vintage antique Nabisco Cracker saltine tins . Antique masons jars. Two vintage tins. Vintage Aunt Jemima Mrs. Butter worth bottle. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area
Yes, $5.00 for all. Kitchen decor mason jars filled with black beans and rice. The jars has a fabric print of a whimsical cheif. I'm located in the Naperville/Aurora area.
Two available. Antique Rug Beaters that's converted into wall hanging wreathes. Unique wall displays. Made and assembled by crafter. Dried flower arrangement with a vintage bow. Asking $10.00 each. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Check out more of my vintage and antique items available-I can send pics...
Antique and vintage items and home decor. Vintage washboard message board that includes note pads and caulk. Various types and sizes of mason jars that are filled with vintage buttons or sea shells. The mason jars are all unique. Vintage magazine rack. WWII ration coin and a rapid transit token from the 30's. Vintage sox stretcher and shoe forms all are children sized. Ship lap distres...
A lot of variety of antique and vintage items available. Several Barn wood coat/apron racks. Mail barnwood mail rack. All different. Antique book self. Vintage sewing cabinet drawer that is converted into a wall hanging display. It holds antique kitchen items. Vintage carpet beater that upcycled into a dried flower wreaths wall hanging. Various vintage mason jars that are filled wi...
Framed picture of vintage/antique 1900 advertisement showing images of toddlers and babies. B/W Photos showing babies and toddlers from 100 years ago. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area.
I have two functional oil lamps and two decorative only oil lamps. The non functional oil lamps have artificial flowers inside of them. Two amber bases, one amber base is functional. Two clear glass oil lamps. One clear glass is funtional. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Asking $5.00 for functional ones and $5.00 for non functional ones.
Cross collectable-child 1950's glass bank. The clown bank is a promotional purchase fromGrapette Family Beverage Syrup. Camden ARK. It bears a clown face image. In excellent condition. Inside is multi colored marbles. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area.
Antique and newer porcelain and china pieces made into pin cushions. Includes pins and threaded needles. Unique and practical gift idea. June Bride??? Can be given as birthday present or just for a gift. Some have rose pattern printed on them. All unique and different. Many colors and pieces to choose from. Tea cups-sugar bowls-trinket boxes-all different.. Buy 6 or more china pieces ...
(2) Vintage Blue Ball Mason jars that are filled with vintage sewing items. Snips, zippers, buttons,hook and eye and button cards. Use for Americana or primitive decor pieces. Largest measures 8". Smallest measures 6". Made and assembled by crafter. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area
Antique Blue Ball Mason jars with zinc lids. The jars have vintage wire jar holder and wooden handles. The Blue Blue mason jars contain red,white and blue thread. Wooden spools of thread. The second jar contains vintage collection of buttons. Americana or primitive decorative decor display. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora. The taller jar measures...
Asking $15.00 each. Hand made woven baskets with custom cloth liners that have a alphabet pattern print. The alphabet blocks spell the word basket. Perfect for baby's or child's room. Primitive or Americana decorative display decor. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora
This pair need a new home.One is a lamp and one is not.The lamp stands a height of 51 inches.The other one is 30 inches tall.The base is 11 inches round.They are made of plaster and are very heavy.These are in very good shape needing a few touchups.
I have for sale a Stroh's beer advertising snowman. This is a single sided sign with a hole at the bottom so you can slide it over a pole or clip a light into the base. The figure measures approximately 30 inches high and 13 1/2 inches wide.
I have for sale a pair of sage green Wedgwood candleholders. These candlesticks measure approximately 3 7/8 inches in diameter across the base and 1 7/8 inches high. The bottom of each candle holder is marked Wedgwood , and Made in England .
I have for sale a group of Christmas ornaments. These are newer crafted ornaments with Victorian themed accents. The longest ornaments measure approximately 7 inches long.
I have for sale a vintage liquor bottle display. The jockey statue is marked Antique Bourbon . The display measures approximately 9 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches deep, and 11 1/2 inches high. There is some crazing in the white base, some scratches, and a paint chip by the figures feet.
I have for sale an antique Singer sewing machine. This vintage machine has a motor, powers up, runs with the controller foot pedal, light turns on, has a few attachments, and includes the wood dome case. The machine is in nice shape with little wear to the gold detail work.
I have for sale a vintage chalk Nikolai bottle display. The display measures approximately 12 1/4 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 12 inches high.
Looks like a radio/record player but inside you find that it is a fully functioning record storage cabinet. You will the drawer, it pivots, and you can choose your favorite LP. This one has actual 78 s! Quality Globe Wernicke Brown's Disc Record Cabinet. In good condition but note the original finish has issues such as alligatoring. If you collect or like early record / radio cabinets you might...
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